Easy, Intuitive Corporate Cafeteria POS

Designed to Deliver Good Food, Quickly

The power of good food on employee morale should never be underestimated. When your employees enter your corporate cafeteria, they’ll be looking for a frustration-free way to get their food fast.
In order to provide an exceptional cafeteria dining experience for your employees, you’ll need an up-to-date, intuitive, and speedy corporate cafeteria POS system.
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Offers Multiple Payment Options

Easy, Convenient Payment Choices for Employees

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With corporate cafeteria POS payments, convenience is key. Your employees may be having a hectic day and the more convenient and quick you can make payments for them, the better.
For this reason, you’ll want to have Credit, Debit, EMV, and NFC capabilities at your checkout. You should also consider giving employees access to employee charges. With employee charges, employees would have the ability to charge on and replenish their accounts or charge their meal purchase to their account with a payroll deduction.

Effortless Menu Planning

Automate Menu Planning and Utilize Customizable Menu Screens

Menu planning doesn’t have to be a chore. With Reflection POS, you’ll be able to optimize and even automate your menu planning. With an intuitive interface and customizable menu screens for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even weekly menu rotations, you’ll take all of the stress and work out of menu planning.
You’ll also have the option to show only the menu items that are available for a specific meal period or day of the week cutting down on cashier confusion.
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Reflection POS for Corporate Cafeterias

Empowering Corporate Cafeterias to Increase Employee Satisfaction


Scale and Scanner Integration

  • Speed up transaction times
  • Reduce shrinkage
  • Sell by weight with TARE
  • NTEP certified solution
  • Read weight embedded barcodes

Guest Check Handling

  • Split checks by dollar amount, seat, or items
  • Split individual items between multiple guests
  • Track employee sales and media accountability
  • Track voids and refunds
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Increase Customer/Employee Satisfaction

  • Customer-facing displays
  • Promote food specials
  • Ensure order accuracy

Labor Management

  • Control your areas of highest cost
  • Track employee clock-ins and clock-outs
  • Schedule clock-in and clock-out with grace periods
  • View detailed timekeeping and payroll reports
  • Optimize your labor scheduling

5 Reasons Why You Should Use an Embedded POS System

Get a free eBook from NCC today that will help you with your decision when purchasing a new Point of Sale system.


Increase Speed of Service

Streamline the Ordering Process, Move Customers Through Queue Quickly

When it comes to meal time, your employees want to get in and out as quickly as possible to take care of work back in their offices. Reflection POS will increase your speed of service and move your employees through the checkout line quickly.
With customizable screens and order flow, you’ll be able to streamline your ordering or checkout process, making it as efficient as possible. Reflection POS’s automatic combo recognition can improve cashier efficiency, ensure accurate pricing, and reduce the number of voided transactions. Additionally, with payment keys available on every screen, checkouts will be further expedited.
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Enhance Corporate Cafeteria Productivity with Cloud-Based Headquarters

View Reports and Make POS Programming Changes with RHQ

RHQ is a cloud-based computing system that does not rely on a network server to keep your corporate cafeteria operating. Coupled with Reflection POS, RHQ allows you to keep up with your corporate cafeteria without having an on-site server.
All checks, time clock information, and sales data are pushed up to the cloud at the time of your choice. This will keep all of your data current and up-to-date. The corporate cafeteria POS system runs independently and keeps all sales data stored locally. In this way, if your internet connection fails, you can still run at full capacity. Once your internet connection is restored, your data is automatically pushed up to the RHQ server.
RHQ also features:
  • Email or text alerts sent to your smartphone or tablet
  • Dashboards to review snapshot data
  • Off-site backup of POS data
  • Archived reports for historical viewing

The Most Reliable POS Management System Available

Raise Your Bottom Line and Reap Greater Rewards

Reflection POS is built on solid-state technology and has a reliable embedded operation system. It is the most sophisticated POS network on the market and offers a fully certified semi-integrated EMV solution. This new, EMV-enabled interface is available with NCC’s Reflection POS.
  • Embedded OS = no spyware or viruses
  • 100% terminal redundancy
  • Self-healing network
  • No single point of failure
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