Fast and Effective Bar & Nightclub POS

Bar & Nightclub POS Designed to Manage Tabs Efficiently and Streamline the Speed of Service

Patrons frequent bars and nightclubs to relax and unwind. When de-stressing, the last thing patrons want to do is push through crowded lines and wait for half an hour to receive a drink.
For this reason, it’s critical that your Nightclub & Bar POS system be as fast and as efficient as possible.
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Flexible Software to Meet Bar and Nightclub Business Needs

Bartender, Server, or Manager, Reflection POS Software Configures to Employee Needs

Reflection POS allows businesses to customize employee logins to increase productivity. For example, if a bartender logs in, Reflection POS will open to the “quick bar” screen enabling fast orders. Alternately, a server would log in to a floor plan and select tables, and a manager might want to open to a screen that offers report or programming shortcuts.
This reduces or eliminates the amount of time staff waste navigating to the screen they need.

Price Levels

Pre-Set Your Prices for Events, Happy Hours, or Specials

Setting price levels can be tricky business, especially if your establishment has special event prices that overlap with happy hour prices. With Reflection POS, you can preset, prioritize, and if necessary, set start and end dates and times.
Bartenders won’t be required to remember special prices offered because the nightclub and bar POS system will be programmed with the correct price for reoccurring events, such as happy hours, or a special one-time event.

Reduce Shrinkage

Control Over-Pouring and Product Waste

Shrinkage is a common concern among bar and nightclub owners. Our bar and nightclub solution, Reflection POS, will provide the tools that servers, bartenders, and managers need to effectively curb shrinkage.
With these inventory functions built into the software, not as additional modules for an additional cost, you will have much greater control over drink and food waste, effectively cutting one of the heaviest costs bar and nightclub owners incur.

Reflection POS for Bars & Nightclubs

Empowering Bar & Nightclub Owners to Increase Profitability

Speed of service

Streamline Server Operations

    • Manage bar tabs with names and credit-card pre-authorization
    • Customize your interface with Reflection POS’s quick bar screen so that the most common payment buttons appear on the primary screen
    • Simultaneously utilize till and server banking to allow bartenders to use the cash drawer behind the bar while cocktail servers use server banking

Manage Labor and Scheduling

  • Control your area of highest cost
  • Track employee clock-ins and clock-outs
  • View detailed timekeeping and payroll reports
  • Optimize labor scheduling
  • Schedule when employees can clock in and out with grace periods
Inventory tracking

Inventory Management

  • Track bottled beer, kitchen items, or anything else
  • Track raw ingredient and finished product waste
  • With Reflection POS’s limited quantity feature, every time you sell an item, the item count automatically decreases giving you an ‘on the spot’ inventory
digital signage

Seamlessly Integrate to Peripherals

  • Digital signage for menu or advertising
  • Liquor control system to reduce wasted product or over-pours
  • Kitchen printers and video systems allow your kitchen to run effectively

5 Reasons Why You Should Use an Embedded POS System

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Boost Bar & Nightclub Productivity with Cloud-Based Headquarters

View Reports and Make Bar & Nightclub POS Programming Changes with RHQ

RHQ is a cloud-based computing system that doesn’t rely on a network server to keep your bar or nightclub performing. Coupled with Reflection POS, RHQ allows you to keep up with your bar or nightclub from anywhere you are.
That means that all checks, time clock information, and sales data are sent to the cloud to keep you informed. The POS system runs separately, storing all sales data locally and ensuring that if your internet goes down, you still run to full capacity. When the internet is restored, your data is automatically synced with the RHQ Server.
RHQ also features:
  • Email or text alerts sent to your smartphone or tablet
  • Dashboards to review snapshot data
  • Off-site backup of POS data
  • Archived reports for historical viewing

Empower Wait Staff with Seamlessly Integrated Tablet POS

Improve Customer Service While Increasing Sales and Operational Efficiency

Tablet POS is the ideal solution for tableside ordering and payment. With mobile devices, equipped with Reflection POS for tablets, servers are empowered to take highly accurate orders, quickly.
Benefits of Tablet POS:
  • Take orders tableside to avoid the service delays cocktail servers experience when waiting in line to enter an order at a POS terminal
  • Streamline food preparation by sending orders directly from the tablet to the bar or kitchen
  • Generate new revenue streams by using a tablet POS solution to add outdoor seating
  • Increase your average ticket size by prompting staff to upsell or cross sell

The Most Reliable POS Management System Available

Raise Your Bottom Line and Reap Greater Rewards

Reflection POS is built on solid-state technology with a dependable embedded operating system. A state-of-the-art POS network, it offers a fully certified semi-integrated EMV solution. This EMV-enabled interface is available with NCC’s Reflection POS.
  • Embedded OS = no spyware or viruses
  • 100% terminal redundancy
  • Self-healing network
  • No single point of failure