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Reflection POS for Kiosk is the versatile solution you need to improve customer experience and increase customer satisfaction

Offer a self-service option for your customers in a wide variety of industries including, fast-casual restaurant, cafeteria, and retail.

A kiosk POS solution implemented correctly will improve customer service, increase sales, and assist your existing human labor force, not replace it.
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Benefits of Reflection POS for Kiosk

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  • Order customization

  • Line busting

  • Faster service

Order Customization

Give your customers the option to place their orders at a kiosk.

They will be able to view pictures and descriptions of all menu items and ingredients to ensure their meal is customized just the way they like it. This can be particularly beneficial for customers who have an allergy to a specific ingredient or maybe just a particularly strong aversion to mayonnaise. It will also decrease order errors, speed up service, and keep lines short at the ordering counter. Plus, discounts can be added and updated so customers don’t feel as though they’re missing out on a deal.
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Line Busting

During busy periods, lines tend to get long at ordering and checkout counters.

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Offering a kiosk POS solution enables your customers to bypass lines, place their order or check out and be on their way. If you’re a retailer, this will increase sales, ensuring customers don’t get frustrated and abandon carts full of merchandise. If you’re a restaurateur, it will increase table turns and ticket sizes.

Faster Service

Kiosk POS solutions are versatile enough to be configured for just about every industry.

The ability to speed up service in almost any environment is the driving force behind this technology’s return on investment.
Customers want what they want, when they want it, and self-service kiosk POS solutions deliver immediately. These self-service solutions also aid staff by allowing them to spend more time with each customer they see at the counter.
Associates and staff who aren’t rushed to push through long lines full of people waiting to be served make less mistakes and can really deliver the human touch that upselling requires, whether it’s food or other products.
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