Case Studies


NCC and American Metro Provide The Miami Open with a First Class Customer Experience

“The American Metro-NCC solution provided the Miami Open with 100 percent POS system uptime. RHQ made it easy for managers to track labor remotely and consolidated sales data across all vendors, and the customer experience at the POS was fast, accurate, efficient, and secure.”


NCC Partners with Bleep to Provide Worldclass POS System at Rio Olympics and Paralympics

“Efficiently managing retail sales at sporting event venues requires a point of sale (POS) system designed for speed, reliability, and ease of use. The solution delivered the reliability, transaction speed, accuracy, efficiency, data capture and management control the installation at the Rio 2016 Olympics required.”

Southern Foodservice Management

Southern Foodservice Management Boosts Customer Service & Drives Sales with NCC

“In the past, Point of Sale installations were daunting, time consuming and stressful. With reliable solutions provided by NCC and the Project Management Point of Sale Team, we get to focus on using the POS systems instead of worrying if they will be installed on time or if they will be cumbersome to use.”


Hamburger Chain Milo’s Gets a Stable POS with a Side of Flexible Functionality from NCC

“We now have better service with Birmingham Toledo Inc., a user-friendly POS, and an extremely reliable credit card processor in Mercury. Our number one concern was the reliability of the software and the service. Now that we’ve switched all 15 stores to NCC, our customer service is exceptional.”


Integrated NCC Solution Boosts Service Speed and Improves Security for Halligan Bar

“Training is faster, customers are served more quickly, sales are up, and we’re more organized overall. It’s nice to know that each terminal is capable of operating independently and has an off-line mode. After having cash registers and the headaches that accompany them, it’s a relief knowing that we will always be up and running.”


Joe Patti Seafood Nets Fast, Reliable Checkouts with NCC

“The Reflection POS software handled the problem with delayed checkout times and the stand-alone network communication feature solved the problem with losing the connection with the server. We now have the Retail Backoffice software to track inventory and produce needed reports.”




Reflection POS Embedded (Table Service)

Reflection POS Embedded (Retail)

Reflection POS Embedded (Quick Service)

Reflection POS Graphical Rear Display

PC Workstation for Reflection POS

Reflection POS Headquarters

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4 Reasons that It Matters
Where you Buy Your POS System

First-time buyers are faced with a myriad of options when they are purchasing a point of sale (POS) system. You can choose from a variety of POS software options with a wide range of features and functionality. In addition, POS hardware options range from traditional, stationary terminals with peripheral cash drawers and monitors to all-in-one models or tablet POS.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use
An Embedded POS System

For merchants, the need for a reliable POS system is irrefutable. They speed up the checkout process, efficiently manage inventory, and monitor sales so that business owners can keep a pulse on what is happening within their daily operations.

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The Impact of Emerging Payment Technologies
on Retail and Hospitality Businesses

With the liability shift swiftly approaching in October this year, many businesses are looking to upgrade their POS systems so that they’ll be able to handle a wider variety of payment options. Retail and hospitality companies have the added incentive of minimizing transaction costs whenever and wherever possible, while at the same time mitigating their own risks around data security.

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What is the Cloud, and Why Use it?

The cloud is a relatively new method of storing data via the Internet and has become increasingly popular since the turn of the millennium. Cloud services are extremely flexible and can be used for a variety of purposes and by a range of industries.

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the Cloud

How Tablet POS Empowers Staff
and Enhances Customer Experiences

Whether restaurant or retail, tablet POS can be used with fixed POS terminals to enhance your existing POS system, complementing it with features and functions that empower your staff to provide an optimal customer experience.

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tablet pos ebook


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