Versatile, Flexible Specialty Grocery POS

Specialty Grocery POS Adapted for Niche Business Needs

Anyone who has had any experience with specialty grocery understands that these businesses have extremely unique needs. The term “specialty grocery” covers a plethora of small niche shops such as, high-end gourmet shops, juicers, cheese and wine shops, oil and vinegar shops, seafood wholesale, butcher shops, and more. Each of these specialized retailers must have a versatile POS software solution to meet their requirements.
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Coupons and Suggestive Selling

Drive Promotional Sales and Improve Profit Margins

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Specialty grocery POS should have capabilities for coupons and suggestive selling. Reflection POS offers both options. With our software solution, you will be able to print coupons—generated by the customer’s purchase—on receipts.
Additionally, with Reflection POS’ suggestive selling, print promos on your receipts to suggest additional products, either competitive or complementary to what the customer has already purchased.

Loyalty Programs

Increase Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

Customer loyalty and satisfaction is critical for ensuring that your business not only survives, but thrives. With Reflection POS, you will have the ability to easily integrate with third party loyalty programs, or utilize our in-house loyalty programs and reporting.
The in-house loyalty program allows you to offer customers loyalty points or rewards based on, and accumulated through purchasing history. Reflection POS also interfaces with loyalty software, giving you access to vast reporting and marketing capabilities.
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Reflection POS for Specialty Grocers

Empowering Specialty Grocers to Increase Profitability


Built-in Inventory Control

  • Wirelessly receive inventory via tablet
  • Shelf verification
  • Print shelf labels

Promotional Pricing

  • Charge different prices for the same item, i.e. member, non-member, nonprofit
  • Quantity pricing
  • Mix and match pricing

Scale and Scanner Integration

  • Read weight embedded barcodes
  • Display weight on-screen from scale
  • Obtain exact measurements to speed up transaction time and reduce shrinkage

Loyalty Programs

  • In-house loyalty builds rewards through points or dollars spent
  • Interface with loyalty software for vast reporting and marketing capabilities

5 Reasons Why You Should Use an Embedded POS System

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Full Inventory Control with Retail BackOffice Software

Make Better Merchandising Decisions and Control Stock-Outs

Our Retail BackOffice software is robust inventory software that fully integrates with Reflection POS and couples with other essential modules to effectively manage your specialty grocery store operations.
With a specialty grocery POS equipped with our inventory software, you’ll streamline your specialty grocery inventory and be empowered to make smarter decisions. Retail BackOffice will help you accurately order the right amount of customer favorites and grocery store essentials. In this way, you’ll be prepared to avoid stock-outs as Retail BackOffice guides you to order the correct amount of high-turnover products.
In addition to inventory, Retail BackOffice also provides modules for:
  • Full inventory control
  • Vast reporting capabilities
  • Price book maintenance
  • Hand-held inventory
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Enhance Specialty Grocery Productivity with Cloud-Based Headquarters

View Reports and Make POS Programming Changes with RHQ

RHQ is a cloud-based computing system that does not rely on a network server to keep your specialty grocery store operating. When paired with Reflection POS, RHQ will empower you to keep up with your specialty grocery store remotely.
All checks, time clock information, and sales data will be moved to the cloud at time of your choosing to keep you up to speed. The specialty grocery store POS system runs independently and keeps all sales data stored locally so that if your internet goes down, you still run to full capacity; then when the internet is restored, your data is automatically pushed up to the RHQ server.
RHQ also features:
  • Email or text alerts sent to your smartphone or tablet
  • Dashboards to review snapshot data
  • Off-site backup of POS data
  • Archived reports for historical viewing

The Most Reliable POS Management System Available

Raise Your Bottom Line and Reap Greater Rewards

Reflection POS has a reliable embedded operation system and is built on solid state technology. It is the most sophisticated POS network on the market and offers a fully certified semi-integrated EMV solution. This new, EMV-enabled interface is available with NCC’s Reflection POS.
  • Embedded OS = no spyware or viruses
  • 100% terminal redundancy
  • Self-healing network
  • No single point of failure
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