Fast, Efficient Table Service POS

Improve Order Accuracy and Overall Efficiency

The table service industry thrives on excellent customer service, so you need a table service POS system to meet those high demands. We offer a table service POS solution that will improve your restaurant’s overall efficiency with streamlined ordering, higher table turnover, and improved customer satisfaction.
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Labor and Inventory

Reduce Labor and Inventory Costs to Increase Your Bottom Line

Reflection POS offers a wide variety of benefits to table service restaurants. With inventory and labor management functions built into the software, not as additional modules for an additional cost, you will reduce training time, and have greater control over labor costs and food waste.
This will effectively cut two of the heaviest costs table service restaurant owners must bear; inventory and labor.

Increase Average Ticket Size while Boosting Table Turnover

Spend More Time Servicing Customers

Great customer service is what encourages customers to make larger purchases and return to your establishment. Our table service POS solution, Reflection POS, will allow staff to spend more time with customers. This provides them with greater opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell additional items, from drinks to desserts. This active customer engagement will result in a larger average ticket size.
The robust functionality offered by Reflection POS will improve operational efficiency by empowering your waitstaff to serve customers more quickly.
  • Streamline meal order preparation from point of sale to kitchen
  • Optimize table seating for maximum revenue
  • Split checks and items
  • Effectively market to new and existing customers
  • Take orders and payments tableside by adding Reflection POS for Tablets

Reflection POS for Table Service Restaurants

Empowering Table Service Restaurant Owners to Increase Profitability


Guest Check Handling

  • Split checks by dollar amount, seat, or items through an intuitive graphical interface
  • Split individual items, such as appetizers, between multiple guests
  • Fire orders to remote printers to expedite orders and hold items that need to go to prep areas later in the service
  • Track employee sales and media accountability
  • Track voids and refunds by both the employee performing, as well as the manager approving

Table Management

  • Graphical floor plans to manage tables
  • Transfer checks between tables or combine checks from multiple tables
  • Display the table status to view the length at which tables have been open and the current order total

Labor Management

  • Control your areas of highest cost
  • Track employee clock-ins and clock-outs
  • View detailed timekeeping and payroll reports
  • Optimize your labor scheduling
  • Schedule when employees can clock in and out with grace periods
Inventory tracking

Inventory Management

  • Track individual inventory items for usage and cost
  • Recipe explosion allows inventory items to be “used” as menu items are sold
  • Track raw ingredient and finished product waste.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use an Embedded POS System

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Boost Table Service Productivity with Cloud-Based Headquarters

View Reports and make Table Service POS Programming Changes with RHQ

RHQ is a cloud-based computing systemthat doesn’t rely on a network server to keep your table service restaurant operating. Coupled with Reflection POS, RHQ allows you to keep up with your restaurant without having to be on site.
All checks , time clock information, and sales data are pushed up to the cloud at times of your choosing to keep you up to speed. The POS system runs independently and keeps all sales data stored locally so that if your internet goes down, you still run to full capacity. When the internet is restored, your data is automatically pushed up to the RHQ Server.
RHQ also features:
  • Email or text alerts sent to your smartphone or tablet
  • Dashboards to review snapshot data
  • Off-site backup of POS data
  • Archived reports for historical viewing

The Most Reliable POS Management System Available

Raise Your Bottom Line and Reap Greater Rewards

Reflection POS is built on solid-state technology and has a reliable embedded operation system. It is the most sophisticated POS network on the market and offers a fully certified semi-integrated EMV solution. This new, EMV-enabled interface is available with NCC’s Reflection POS.
  • Embedded OS = no spyware or viruses
  • 100% terminal redundancy
  • Self-healing network
  • No single point of failure