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fine dining trends

5 Fine Dining Trends in 2017

The year ahead looks to be a colorful one, with a number of factors coming together to create exciting fine dining trends that will influence restaurants for the foreseeable future. From dishes that caters to the “bro” crowd to faux food and veganism going mainstream, menus across the country are poised to capitalize on evolving…

restaurant online ordering system

How to Choose the Right Restaurant Online Ordering System for Your Business

With so many options on the market, choosing the right restaurant online ordering system can seem like a daunting challenge. Before you get started, however, consider the features and capabilities that your platform must have in order for you to grow your business. Does it Enable Pickup? “Click-and-collect” has been popular with restaurant customers for…

fast casual restaurants and omnichannel strategy

How Fast Casual Restaurants Are Upping Their Omnichannel Game

Everyone likes options, which goes a long way toward explaining the rise of omnichannel commerce in recent years. For fast casual restaurants, omnichannel technologies can be instrumental in elevating the brand experience and leaving customers satisfied. Mobile Devices Engage Customers Walk into progressive airports around the country and you’ll see many restaurants equipped with tabletop…