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3 Ways C-Store Owners Can Increase Foot Traffic

How C-Store Owners Can Optimize Business Operations and Increase Foot Traffic in 2022 The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to industries across the board, particularly in the food and beverage sectors, including convenience stores (c-stores). From government shutdowns to safety mandates, c-stores have been struggling to keep business running as usual. Now that recovery is…

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Why Restaurant Online Ordering Rose to the Top of Business’ Wish Lists

Online Ordering Isn’t a Fad Like most restaurant owners and managers, you quickly adapted to health regulations and changing consumer behaviors when the pandemic swept across the country. Whether you operate a quick-service eatery, fine dining, or any other concept, you likely enabled restaurant online ordering to continue to serve your customers. If you’re totally…

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Instagram for Retailers: A How-To Guide

How Retailers Can Use Instagram to Boost Visibility and Sales As customer behavior continues to change, the best manners of reaching them change, too. You want to meet your customers where they are, and many spend their days scrolling through Instagram. In fact, Instagram revealed that on average, those under the age of 25 spend…