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server training program

Four Ways to Identify if Your Server Training Program is Working

A thoroughly trained staff is a critical part of a profitable restaurant. A great server training program will yield staff that is confident, knowledgeable and competent, and who make diners feel welcome and comfortable. Waitstaff who are unfamiliar with any part of their job can cause a trickle-down effect of issues. Too many mistakes lead…

inventory management

Boost Productivity, Decrease Shrink with an Inventory Management and Reporting Solution

Restaurant owners and managers know that food cost is one of the largest budget items to manage. It’s a constant battle to keep this expense as low as possible, without sacrificing quality and profitability. Prices can literally change overnight; for example premium menu item prices can skyrocket, depending on the weather, supply chain, and customer…

fine dinging trends

Discover the Hottest Fine Dining Trends This Year

Last year’s fine dining trends were all about health: Vegan dishes went mainstream, and people looked for meat substitutes—faux beef, chicken or veggie burgers. Even menu selections targeting male consumers —juicy burgers, wings, and other bar foods — included new plant-based choices. In addition to being health-conscious, hungry patrons expressed a greater appreciation for how…