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clothing laid out for an instagram post for a retailer

Instagram for Retailers: A How-To Guide

How Retailers Can Use Instagram to Boost Visibility and Sales As customer behavior continues to change, the best manners of reaching them change, too. You want to meet your customers where they are, and many spend their days scrolling through Instagram. In fact, Instagram revealed that on average, those under the age of 25 spend…

future of retail and restaurant

The Future of Retail and Restaurants: What You Can Expect

What to Expects in the Future of Retail and Restaurants Retail and restaurant environments have always had to change and evolve in response to shifting trends and consumer behaviors. But the coronavirus pandemic has impacted these industries (and many others) in ways unprecedented in modern times. According to a recent study by Cambridge Retail Advisors, 83%…

kiosk ordering system

Kiosk Ordering System: How to Improve Restaurant and Retail Customer Experiences

How to Improve Customer Experiences with a Kiosk Ordering System: Restaurant and Retail If the pandemic has shown retailers and restaurateurs anything, it’s who their loyal customers are. Expanding online ordering capabilities, as well as curbside and delivery has been crucial to businesses working diligently to survive social distancing regulations. But as states get the…