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kiosk ordering system

How a Kiosk Ordering System Improves Restaurant and Retail Customer Experiences

If the pandemic has shown retailers and restaurateurs anything, it’s who their loyal customers are. Expanding online ordering capabilities, as well as curbside and delivery has been crucial to businesses working diligently to survive social distancing regulations. But as states get the greenlight to reopen, consumers are more cautious about where they spend their time…

online ordering

Restaurateurs, Online Ordering, Curbside Pickup, and COVID-19

In the face of COVID-19 and social distancing, restaurants have two options: close their doors and hope to recover once the pandemic has passed, or move to pickup and delivery operations only. Any full-service operations would be putting the safety of your staff and your customers at risk.   Thankfully, the same technology restaurant owners utilize…

retail and restaurant tablet pos

What Every Restaurant and Retail Operator Needs to Know about Embedded POS Systems

Retail and Restaurant Point of Sale System As businesses are becoming more and more reliant on technology, the need to understand which technology is best for your operation has increased in urgency. For those in the retail or hospitality industries, the technology solutions that are top-of-mind are retail and restaurant point of sale systems. What…