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fast casual restaurants and omnichannel strategy

How Fast Casual Restaurants Are Upping Their Omnichannel Game

Everyone likes options, which goes a long way toward explaining the rise of omnichannel commerce in recent years. For fast casual restaurants, omnichannel technologies can be instrumental in elevating the brand experience and leaving customers satisfied. Mobile Devices Engage Customers Walk into progressive airports around the country and you’ll see many restaurants equipped with tabletop…

restaurant food waste

How POS Helps Prevent Restaurant Food Waste

Diners in the U.S. increasingly are concerned about issues surrounding food sourcing, sustainability, and usage — and that includes food waste. Just last month, New York City and Washington, D.C., hosted Feeding the 5000 events that enlisted the help of celebrity chefs and other volunteers to transform perfectly good produce diverted from the landfill into…

restaurant ordering technology

4 Ways Restaurant Ordering Technology Boosts Productivity and Customer Satisfaction

Are you getting the most out of your restaurant ordering technology, or do you see it as just another among the many systems that make your business tick? Learn about four ways to maximize your ordering platform investment so that you’re both increasing your productivity and improving customer satisfaction. 1. Precision Order Routing Restaurant ordering…