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Close up of woman using smartphone and scanning qr code on cash shop receipt. Female client in restaurant scanning qr-code on bill to get discount or to tip

Upgrade Your Restaurant with Pay at the Table Solutions

Upgrade Your Restaurant with Pay-at-the-Table Solutions Customers’ expectations for their dining experiences are ever-shifting, but one thing that’s steadily in demand is convenience. This demand extends into several aspects of your business, but one of the most crucial is how customers pay their bill. Factors ranging from the prevalence of mobile devices to post-pandemic desires…

Waitress with face mask prepare order for curbside pick up and t

Why Restaurant Online Ordering Rose to the Top of Business’ Wish Lists

Online Ordering Isn’t a Fad Like most restaurant owners and managers, you quickly adapted to health regulations and changing consumer behaviors when the pandemic swept across the country. Whether you operate a quick-service eatery, fine dining, or any other concept, you likely enabled restaurant online ordering to continue to serve your customers. If you’re totally…